must…move…to…Los Angeles

I’m not sure where I found this particular link, I think maybe Slashfood? No idea. I don’t care. I’m in love. The first video was the “McNuggetini”. I’ve since watched about half the channel – a feat which challenges my libido and my ability fight back overwhelming nausea. I just about lost it on all […]

starting with a bang

For those of you who care about such things, and that should be ALL of you, it’s been a great couple of days. Firstly, the opening ceremonies were just plain awesome. I don’t mean the sheer scope of things, although that in and of itself was amazing, but it was just… fitting. China has over […]

the week that was pt. 2

As promised, more news re: Professor Plums. I covered our antics on the Sunday following the patch, but neglected to mention TK on Thursday. For those of you playing our home game yes, Void Reaver with invisible orbs does, in fact, suck ass. We diverted to Solarian who I was promised was “easy”. Yeah, so […]

cursed words

Old, from digg, etc. Fuck you. Future wife Rachel Bilson saying “shitface” is priceless.

when nerds learn to sing

Followed this from digg. I’m still laughing. edit: Sigh. Apparently the video was removed by the author. Presumably a DMCA “violation”. God Paramount/Viacom can be douches… HA! I win. Alternate copy located.

diet coke on the side

Holy crap. I can barely polish off one of those 1lb. burgers at Hardees without feeling full. I should see if they’ll serve me one of these bad boys. No ketchup though, that just makes it sloppy. From what I understand people are actually “protesting” this. OH NOS someone will think it’s cool and get […]

optional extras

I don’t care how much this costs. I wants it. My precious… edit: for more details.

what does god need with hecklers?

I love how the only real god is the retarded {Jew|muslim|gay|black} hating one. I don’t seem to remember that being in the pamphlets growing up. The fact that the “guest chaplain” didn’t tell these d-bags to go fuck themselves is a testament to his self-control and tolerance of those with significantly lacking mental and spiritual […]