you are not prepared

Yeah, yeah, that was last expansion, but this one doesn’t have a fancy tag line. While I cheated and back-dated this particular post, I WAS waiting in line at midnight. It capped off an excessively long day of driving back from South Dakota (more on that later) and then driving back to Madison from my […]

nom nom nom nom

We’ve been running Zul’Aman bear runs non-stop for the last 6 weeks or so trying to rack up some bears. The bad news? We fell short too often and as a consequence 2 members of our group won’t get theirs. The good news? Yeah, that’s me. I got the last Amani War Bear bear we’re […]

hearts and rainbows

Sunday night means Sunday sunraid – our weekly roll-up of Gruul, Mag and whatever else we might be interested in as the week draws to a close. Our first Gruul kill was on Dec 12th, 2007. Yesterday marks our hojillionth kill and 2nd Dragonspine Trophy. That’s 158 days to you and me. I lost the […]

the week that was pt. 2

As promised, more news re: Professor Plums. I covered our antics on the Sunday following the patch, but neglected to mention TK on Thursday. For those of you playing our home game yes, Void Reaver with invisible orbs does, in fact, suck ass. We diverted to Solarian who I was promised was “easy”. Yeah, so […]

the week that was pt. 1

The WoW 2.4 patch hit, launching the Isle of Quel’Danas content and a slew of fixes/nerfs/bugs/etc. More on that stuff later, but for now, I’ll lead off with our first Magtheridon kill. Why yes, yes he is EZ-mode trivial now, we know. We could have killed him before, we just couldn’t get the bodies in […]

i r ironman?

Greetings and salutations, I am associate awesome. 1st Tempest Keep raid last night, 1st Void Reaver kill on our 2nd try. Not much more to say about it than that as it was a solid effort from start to finish. Grats to us. Theostim – Mantle of Tirisfal Triny (guest) – Mantle of the Avatar […]

heeeeere kitty kitty kitty

I love it when a plan comes together. — John “Hannibal” Smith Another weekend, another Zul’Aman run. I know, I know, when will we ever learn, right? Things did not start well. Something like 5 wipes on Nalorakk? I was about ready to just cut and run. For whatever reason, starting stumbles made for a […]

a mighty birdslaya am i

Before the holiday break I managed to herd enough kittens together to drop Akil’zon for the first time. A few days later we managed to do it a second time. Unfortunately that’s where shit takes a bit of a turn. I had arguably the top 5 DPS in the guild and we just got mauled […]

netherspite down, kz clear

Yeah, forgot to mention this last week, but my raid dropped Netherspite for the first time. This marked our first complete Karazhan clear, so go us or somesuch. For a fist-kill the loot was bleh. I got lucky on our first Nightbane kill to walk away with my BP, but no such luck on mah […]

success, part 2

A last-minute run last night yielded our guild-first Prince Malchezaar kill. So-so loots, but a win is a win is a win. Sadly I can’t claim the win as my own but we wouldn’t be standing there without my work so my ego stands just fine. We’re back on my raids this week so the […]