One of the many (and almost entirely unrelated to my actual job) hats I wear is the internal care and feeding of 100+ WordPress sites, so as you can imaging coming home and futzing with my own site for hours on end ranks right up there on my list of great ways to spend time. […]

and now for something completely different

Sixteen months after the fall… Laziness and boredom form a potent cocktail, spice it up with a little botty malware and it’s pretty easy to just bag the whole thing and go scorched earth. I kept backups, so resurrection was really just a matter of when and not if. I have no idea how often […]

unplanned maintenance

Just a quick note for all you folks running WordPress blogs. There is apparently a hack in-the-wild that can lead to a site compromise. There’s no patch as of yet, but it does seem to be “under control” per some of the news I’ve seen. Regardless, I wiped out 99% of the user accounts in […]

busy, busy, busy – the recap

I certainly post a lot of these “I have better things to do than post” posts, don’t I? You know the drill. Work, non-work, the pending holidays, etc, etc. The annual pilgrimage to Kenebec was somewhat less than fruitful this year. The fall was uncommonly wet, which delayed the harvest by nearly a month. For […]

uncontainable fury

No, really. My fury is without containment options. This blog has (and will always be) my vanity site. My little corner of the internets where I can say whatever crazy nonsense pops into my head. I rarely censor (or grammar-check) anything I post or, for that matter, fact-check anything. Ever. That’s just how I roll, […]


I’m lazy. Shocked cat is shocked, right? The blog (and plugins) are updated to the most recent versions, but it looks like there’s some issues with a couple. I’m sure that is akin to daggers in your little hearts. I’ve got lots of interesting (to me) stuff to rant about, just no time to actually […]

Q: how bored was I?

A: Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis bored. As I write this it’s Friday night and I am still waiting for a server to finish virtualizing so I can proceed with the rest of the project plan and possibly get to sleep before sunrise. Given that I am prone to bouts of lazy and vigor of equal and epic measure […]

arachnids have wings?

Not anymore? Finally got a chance to kick the tires on the new raiding setup last night. We took 21 into the Arachnid Quarantine Zone and had a grand ol’ time with much achievementing and whatnot. We also managed to nab the achievement for dropping Sartharion with a mere 20 raiders. The loots were phat […]

wordpress optimization

Came across a good article the other day on improving the performance of WordPress. It holds more relevancy if you run your own server or are paying for more access than your typical mass-market hosting environment. I pride myself on reading revision histories but somehow the fact that WordPress stores post-revisions flew right past without […]

working hard or hardly working?

As of last Monday it’s become the former, not latter. No new news beyond that, just income and whatnot. I’ve got a slew of WoW stuff I just never pushed, I’ll get to that at some point. I’m still struggling with a good and simple way to manage graphics. I’ve got the wow stuff in […]