2009 in tv – not that bad aktsually

As we enter December and what passes for the 2009 television season draws to a close I’m struck by how awesome some shows have been this year. I’m struck by a number of other things, as well, but that’s another show… My top picks of 2009, in no particular order… Sons of Anarchy (FX) SoA […]

why do I even bother?

Like 5 or 6 (maybe) other people on Earth I’ve been watching Kings on NBC for the last month. I won’t go into a lot of blah blah blah about the show except to say that it’s good. It’s well penned, well acted and wonderfully shot. In the next week or two it’ll be moving […]

how did I miss this?

So I’m sitting here waiting for this server to finish converting into a new handy-dandy VM and figured it’d be a good time to purge out the ol’ DVR. I haven’t moved to uVerse quite yet so I’m stuck with the anemic HD in Charter’s Moxi. Where was I again? Oh yes, Mythbusters was on […]

beijing, bitches

The 2008 summer Olympics are finally here! Are you stoked? I’m stoked! Get stoked motherfuckers! This year you can watch just about anything online, so my work-day productivity will likely be something approaching zero. It looks like Charter added at least 1 if not 3 new channels for Olympic feeds as well so the DVR […]

Hammond, of Texas

Don S. Davis (IMDB) passed away on Sunday from a “massive” heart-attack. Don was best known for his role as Major General George Hammond on Stargate SG-1, but his career is nothing if not prolific. Lots of info is coming in from various fansites right now and I am shocked that I never saw his […]

cursed words

Old, from digg, etc. Fuck you. Future wife Rachel Bilson saying “shitface” is priceless.

when nerds learn to sing

Followed this from digg. I’m still laughing. edit: Sigh. Apparently the video was removed by the author. Presumably a DMCA “violation”. God Paramount/Viacom can be douches… HA! I win. Alternate copy located.

you’re no daisy

Pushing Daisies, however, most definitely is. This is the best new show I’ve seen in a crop of pretty damn good shows. I love the cast. I love the cinematography. I love the premise. Watch this show. edit: because some of you won’t get it…

what you should be watching

As is fast becoming infamous, I watch a lot of TV. So it’s no surprise when I break down the new hotness every fall. All good. Chuck (NBC, Monday) Journeyman (NBC, Monday) Reaper (CW, Tuesday) Dirty Sexy Money (ABC, Wednesday) Lucy The Daughter of the Devil (Toon, Sunday) Bionic Woman (NBC, Wednesday) All bad. Big […]

british invasion ’06

Generally speaking the domestic seasons for the television have all finished their runs, much to the chagrin of my DVR. But hark, what light through yonder big-screen breaks? It is the east…ish. BBC America to my rescue. First off let me say that I LOVE watching parliamentary proceedings on the CSPAN. If our officials had […]