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Minor housekeeping and such this evening. Pay no mind if you’re looking for actual, you know, words and stuff. Dropped the 2.3.1 wordpress upgrade and a couple wp-plugs in/out/upgraded. I dropped the Technorati tag generator in favor of a newer iconic one. Saves an extra line on the posts and makes it nice and easy […]

ask and ye shall receive

In my previous lamentations regarding the recent WordPress 2.3 upgrade I bemoaned the lack of good options for splicing the new tagging into Technorati, which I had already grown accustomed to using. Will Garcia over at apparently shared my angst and, as coders do, solved the problem. Enter WP23-Technorati-Tags. A few code changes to […]

what the hell, wordpress, part 2

Multiple plugin fuckery, editing, site re-organizations, etc. are now “complete”. Apparently I’m still doing things wrong, so we’ll see what breaks in a week. The new mod-rewrite stuff is ridiculous – and I’ve been using it in “regular” Apache setups for years! I’ve been tagging/re-tagging everything that appears on the front page as of the […]

what the hell, wordpress, what the hell?

As chronicled here and here I, on occasion, make bad choices when it comes to my own personal web stuffs. For reasons that escape my current understanding I upgraded my perfectly tuned and working WordPress 2.2.3 install to the “eagerly anticipated” 2.3. I followed the preflight checklists the the letter and even used a “preflight” […]