day 2…

In years past, before the onset of “adulthood”, I could sleep forever. I could sleep for 12 hours, hit the can, take a nap for an hour, then go back to sleep. Fast forward to today – I can’t seem to sleep past 9am. I blame him. I cope with this rather tragic turn of […]

prognosticatin’ for the win

Inspired by ComputerWorld, courtesy of membox As someone in the industry who would be considered a techie vs a business analyst or other “soft” role I LOVE hearing how unimportant my existence is to any given project. I LOVE hearing how I need to be more flexible and that I need to learn how to […]

truer words and whatnot

from Christopher Diggins, courtesy of O’Reilly & So instead interviews are going to people who has have been suckling the corporate teat since they graduated from university only a couple of years ago. There is a lot these people don’t know about the business and practice of writing software. If you are running an […]

about time indeed

Today marked the release of Movable Type 3 Developer Edition. Normally such an event would be met with much rejoicing of the unwashed masses. Not so in this case as bloggers far and wide are making with the wails and gnashing of teeth usually reserved for MMO launches.While I don’t have some ultra-huge system happening […]


postNuke, while robust, is not the content manager that I would have liked. Having a hojillion options at your disposal when all you really needed is something to dump nicely formated text is just silly. I’ll rip the phpBB forums out sometime next week and restore the proper functionality to them. Oh, and pretty up […]