the craft of war

This was posted up at MMO-Champion over the Christmas break. It’s really some of the best animation I’ve seen from ANY game so far so enjoy! Catch the HD version at this link. [vimeo 2625538 640 360] On a slightly related note, THAT is how rogues should be, none of this sissypansy dagger bullshit.

crazy eighty

No major news – hit 80 on the rogue on Friday morning. After Thanksgiving I just busted a marathon and 14 hours later my last 2 levels were toasty. Still haven’t run half the instances, so I’m picking up the heroics now for various achievements and gear. My T5/badges held up remarkably well. It’s only […]

nom nom nom nom

We’ve been running Zul’Aman bear runs non-stop for the last 6 weeks or so trying to rack up some bears. The bad news? We fell short too often and as a consequence 2 members of our group won’t get theirs. The good news? Yeah, that’s me. I got the last Amani War Bear bear we’re […]