i hate april morons

Just for the sake of argument, let’s pretend that April Fool’s day “stories” on the internets were funny at one point. No matter how generous your definition of that date may be it’s still “a long fucking time ago”. You are all idiots. Shut up idiots. That is all.

why monopolies suck

I was on my way to a customer site today when the Cranberries “Linger” started playing. On TWO stations. Thanks ClearChannel! We sure owe you one… How is it that the FCC can spend so much energy keeping nipples and profanity off the air, but when it comes to something that’s actually profane they’re nowhere […]

cursed words

Old, from digg, etc. Fuck you. Future wife Rachel Bilson saying “shitface” is priceless.

odds and ends

Paris is in jail, and apparently a giant. One of my most favorite mod sites, Gazzmik Fizzwidgets, is down. Has been for days. Get well soon? GUILD DRAWMA! IGE sued for raping the economy. <3? WarHammer Online beta opened (at some point) – good luck? Zombies! This linkbomb has been brought to you today by […]

mob rule for great justice!

I ran across this on wwtdd.com this morning and had to link it up. Jail Paris Hilton (sign here if you’re down like that) He’s actually got a free Paris one as well, which is losing by a minimum of 2:1 to the jail version. (40k vs 20k) Honestly though, given the facts of her […]

day 2…

In years past, before the onset of “adulthood”, I could sleep forever. I could sleep for 12 hours, hit the can, take a nap for an hour, then go back to sleep. Fast forward to today – I can’t seem to sleep past 9am. I blame him. I cope with this rather tragic turn of […]