/wave scooter

In shocking news today I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby was indicted for (among other things) perjury in the Plame Affair. One can only hope Karl “teflon” Rove’s liability shield (which I’m sure is extensive) will crumble under the newly expanded inquiry and pummellings by the oh so observent media. On the positive side at least Scooter […]

PETA is fucking nuts

PETA’s Latest Idea I like animals, I really do. I support the ideal that all animals should be treated well, even those destined for the slaughterhouse and that wasting meat (ie killing for fur) is somewhere deep in the realm of nonsensical idiocy. That said I think PETA is the biggest set of fucktards in […]

my tax dollars at work

I sent an angry letter to my congresswoman a while back and this afternoon received the reply. I don’t recall why exactly I sent the letter but at the time it had me pissed off I’m sure. I gathered from “her” response that it was regarding intellectual property laws of some kind but who the […]

what about the children?

So I was browsing Blues this morning and I came upon this doozy… Not for the faint of heart or people with > 5 brain cells. ABC News is reporting that “U.S. Army Recruits Teens With Internet Game” that involves both “Simulated Sniping ” and “putting kids in the role of being shooters and snipers.” […]