WordPress 2.5

The upgrade is done, but some plugins and theme crap have to be updated/fixed. Also, I seem to have deleted something, somewhere. Not sure what, yet. The new version has a much-improved (and non-plugin) media manager thing so I’m slowly converting some of the blog-only graphics to that so some links may be toast while […]

Improved Tag Cloud 0.2

The long awaited 0.2 release of my first WP plugin is finally here. My apologies for the delay, I’ll do better on the next release… This version adds support for limiting the maximum number of tags displayed, some code clean-up and approximately 5 new lines in the readme. I’ve adjusted some of the titles/filenames/etc. to […]

Improved Tag Cloud 0.1

“See a need, fill a need.” I present the initial release of my 1st complete and functional WordPress plugin. Improved Tag Cloud 0.1 ITC is designed specifically to combat a problem I have with the normal tagging cloud and related plugins currently available. Namely, the number of terms generated by someone who’s pretty bonkers about […]

ask and ye shall receive

In my previous lamentations regarding the recent WordPress 2.3 upgrade I bemoaned the lack of good options for splicing the new tagging into Technorati, which I had already grown accustomed to using. Will Garcia over at Gormful.com apparently shared my angst and, as coders do, solved the problem. Enter WP23-Technorati-Tags. A few code changes to […]