i <3 free weekends

NCSoft and/or Cryptic Studios are certifiable geniuses. Not necessarily in the money-hat-factory sense of Blizzard, but they’re certainly putting in the effort. About a week ago I received an email warning me of the impending “free weekend” for City of Heroes. The free weekend is exactly that – free. No muss, no fuss, just log […]

holy pink and yellow spandex batman!

City of Heroes launched publically today, much to the fanfair of it’s players. Never have I bore witness to such a smooth launch. We’ll see if the NCSoft billing servers hold up as well as everything else did so far. Thread In Progress <– edit (10/3/07) I actually had forums when I wrote this. durrrr

So you want to be a hero?

Doesn’t everybody? A wanker from Milwaukee, who will go unnamed, has been gushing like a little schoolgirl about City of Heroes for a couple weeks on a near-daily basis. Combined with the unholy amount of BEST GAM EVAR I hear in IRC all day long these days a situation was created for which there is […]