fan-tastic 4

Short version: zomgwtfbbq. Long version: zomgwtfbbq (times infinity) In all seriousness, great flic. I walked in with zero expectations or even hopes for the movie. But wow. I’ve never been a big FF fan, with the X4 mini and Ultimate FF runs being the only recent exceptions. The FF origin story was expertly told with […]

finally, the finale…to the beginning

Like most other beings of limited-or-greater sentience I went out to see the thrilling conclusion to the prequel trilogy, Star Wars: Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. Upside: It didn’t suck. Downside: 1/3 is a good batting average – not so much for a movie trilogy. The movie was well-plotted and the actors from across […]

pardon me while i drool

Headed out to Waukesha over the weekend to see Troy with the feebs out east. Then saw it again the next day. I have nothing more to say on the subject. Really, I don’t. Just go see it. It’s like Gladiator. But better. Much, much better.

hombre en fuego

I saw the Punisher not long ago and for the most part enjoyed the experience. I went in to the movie with full knowledge of the more juicier tidbits of Frank Castles origin and where the movie was supposed to be going. Little did I know that the real Punisher was 2 weeks away. In […]

Kill Quentin (volume 2)

I watched Ebert & Roper’s review of part 2 of Tarantino’s latest creation with great hope. Both loved the movie, going so far as to say that after seeing volume 2 they liked volume 1 even more. Well 1 out of 2 ain’t bad, I guess. The film opened with a blissfully short recap of […]

Punisher No Punishment!

Last night I was able to see the latest Marvel page-to-screen adaptation. As the title suggests it was The Punisher and, well, me rikey. Note: For title complaints please see DiscoKid of #p2p “fame” ( Thomas Jayne plays the title character facing off against his arch nemesis played by John Travolta. Rebecca Romijn (now single) […]

the mission is what matters

The summer movie season has gotten off to a great start. Hellboy and Walking Tall were both serviceable flics and the long tradition of huge-budget “historical” was extended with The Alamo. Short version: Decent flic, see it. Having the best historical education a Midwestern public school can provide in addition to never having even met […]