needs more hamlin

The summer of 2009 was rather lackluster, despite being pretty damn profitable. What you say? You didn’t think the summer of Transformers 2, Half-Blood Prince, Wolverine, Star Trek, GI Joe and Terminator wasn’t amazing bomb-diggity mad-propz rooflecopters? In a word? No. Entertaining for certain, but nothing life-altering. 2010 seems to agree with me. I’ve already […]

i want a puppy too, dammit

How did Kick-Ass sneak up on me? It’s like the perfect combination of hilarious, ridiculous, amazingous awesome…ous. Just watch! See!  Is that not the greatest thing ever? Now I must pick up the Millar/Romita books, too. Damn yous!

awww, hell no

Hancock – no. Wanted – yes. Olympics? VERY yes. What? You want more? Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman are great. Seriously. <3’s and butterflies. Most of the time I even like Will Smith. But the movie doesn’t work. It goes from funny to wtf to emo over it’s scant 90-some minutes. Wanted is based on […]

yeap, still a wizard

It would seem that I am in the minority on this one, but I did not enjoy the latest Harry Potter movie. Maybe it was just the aggregate rottenness of the day, but it just didn’t work for me. I figured catching a 12:30 show on a Thursday would net me a less-than-full theatre, but […]

at worlds end is good

Because not all entries can have even remotely witty titles. Decent movie, really. Best of the three at any rate as this one had a recognizable plot. Anyway, good “official” start to the summer movie season. Tomorrow-ish I’ll go see Oceans 13.

spider-man is sad

A week later than intended I managed to catch an iMax showing of Spider-Man 3… By my unofficial count, there were no less than 950 crying scenes. It was ridiculous. Which is unfortunate as the movie, outside the fucking emo, wasn’t horrible. At least from a CGI perspective. As is his modus operandi over the […]

faith, hope and a trick

Another weekend-long movie binge is behind me and I want to get the fuck out of the office fast as it’s a Monday. Saturday I headed on over to the iMax @ Star Cinema. Boy was I pleased with that decision. The movie in and of itself wasn’t the best thing ever, but the sheer […]

i hate uwe boll

Yeah, so I saw Bloodrayne… Judging by The Numbers, the readership of this site is the approximate number of people who have done the same. If there isn’t a “movie” division of the war crimes tribunal there ought to be. This isn’t “so bad it’s good” or anything like that. This was just plain bad. […]

serenity WOW

Drove over to the west si-eede Saturday for an UltraScreen presentation of Serenity. “Wow.” Let that be synonymous with whatever over-the-top expletive that tickeles your particular fancy. “Damn” is also acceptable. I won’t spoil anything in the plot, but I will say that the movie picks up a few months after the last episode of […]

mega movie marathon monday

It was too hot to do anything this weekend, so I cranked up the AC and watched the telly. Then I cranked up the AC in the car, sat in the glorious AC of the theater and watched a movie there. Back to the homestead, AC and more movies. Chuck and the Chocolate Factory was […]