Improved Tag Cloud 0.1

“See a need, fill a need.” I present the initial release of my 1st complete and functional WordPress plugin. Improved Tag Cloud 0.1 ITC is designed specifically to combat a problem I have with the normal tagging cloud and related plugins currently available. Namely, the number of terms generated by someone who’s pretty bonkers about […]

work and the lack thereof

So yeah, I haven’t had a job since October of last year. It’s an interesting experience, actually. A wild confluence of events turned a 3-month “break” into what may amount into nearly a full year off. I guess at that point you can call it a sabbatical or something? At any rate, I’m cranking out […]

day 1…

As of Friday last week I am unemployed. While it was not something I initiated, it’s for the best. I haven’t been happy for a looooooong time. My stock answer when people ask me about my job has been “I hate my job, but I love the work.” Anywho, I got up at the crack […]