reprint: bite me, Aion

Originally published @ Bite My Review on Sep 15, 2009 First off let’s get the disclaimer out-of-the-way. I’m fairly new to Aion, having only participated in the last two closed beta events. These tests required a legacy invitation from an earlier event or a confirmed pre-order key. Based on my experience I can say that […]


Kids are idiots. That in and of itself should be a sufficient post, really. So much said in so few words… But that’s hardly my style now is it? I was in a local Best Buy browsing what passes for their PC game section and this noxious wave overtakes me. I turn around to find […]

i hate april morons

Just for the sake of argument, let’s pretend that April Fool’s day “stories” on the internets were funny at one point. No matter how generous your definition of that date may be it’s still “a long fucking time ago”. You are all idiots. Shut up idiots. That is all.

what scares me

What scares me? These people actually get a vote. The problem with democracy isn’t the politicians. It’s people like the ones in that video. Here are some helpful tips, from me to you, o’ people of the video. 1) Catholic doctors and Catholic hospitals are allowed to have all the moral objections to abortions or […]

prognosticatin’ for the win

Inspired by ComputerWorld, courtesy of membox As someone in the industry who would be considered a techie vs a business analyst or other “soft” role I LOVE hearing how unimportant my existence is to any given project. I LOVE hearing how I need to be more flexible and that I need to learn how to […]