still, still alive

How easy it is to lose track of time. One finds oneself “getting by” doing only the things that are right in front of them. That’s been my year in a nutshell. In the current economic climate I’m tremendously thankful that I’ve got a great job doing work I really care about, but the simple […]

what the hell, wordpress, what the hell?

As chronicled here and here I, on occasion, make bad choices when it comes to my own personal web stuffs. For reasons that escape my current understanding I upgraded my perfectly tuned and working WordPress 2.2.3 install to the “eagerly anticipated” 2.3. I followed the preflight checklists the the letter and even used a “preflight” […]

as the world turns…

So yeah, apparently I’m unmotivated. This is day … shit, I don’t care. Still no new job. Still don’t care overmuch. Should probably take care of that at some point. Anywho, minor site note. Dreamhost (my hosting provider) is a certified carbon-neutral org. Neat. For more details check the link in the sidebar, here or […]