Q: how bored was I?

A: Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis bored. As I write this it’s Friday night and I am still waiting for a server to finish virtualizing so I can proceed with the rest of the project plan and possibly get to sleep before sunrise. Given that I am prone to bouts of lazy and vigor of equal and epic measure […]

why monopolies suck

I was on my way to a customer site today when the Cranberries “Linger” started playing. On TWO stations. Thanks ClearChannel! We sure owe you one… How is it that the FCC can spend so much energy keeping nipples and profanity off the air, but when it comes to something that’s actually profane they’re nowhere […]

look out! it’s a dramabomb!

Sigh. I keep guild drama off the front page most days, but sometimes it’s cathartic to just vent. I’m pretty sure no one from my guild actually reads these pages so the risk is pretty minimal. The core players in my guild have been around a long time, some going back years into EQ raiding […]

what scares me

What scares me? These people actually get a vote. The problem with democracy isn’t the politicians. It’s people like the ones in that video. Here are some helpful tips, from me to you, o’ people of the video. 1) Catholic doctors and Catholic hospitals are allowed to have all the moral objections to abortions or […]

starting with a bang

For those of you who care about such things, and that should be ALL of you, it’s been a great couple of days. Firstly, the opening ceremonies were just plain awesome. I don’t mean the sheer scope of things, although that in and of itself was amazing, but it was just… fitting. China has over […]

ted thompson is a d-bag

So…. That. Just. Happened. The NYJets.com store already has replica #4 jerseys on sale – if you could load the thing anyway. The packers.com store, as you might expect, loads just fine. I don’t know the real story. We probably won’t hear it until Brett’s ghostwriter pens his memoirs. But we “know” what happened. Thompson’s […]

the bcs is useless

Tell me again how playoffs in college football would be bad? Blowouts are not good football. Blowouts are clear indications that one of the two teams was in the WRONG FUCKING GAME. Of all the games I could stand to watch the only one that was an actual game was the Outback Bowl wherein my […]

what the hell, wordpress, part 2

Multiple plugin fuckery, editing, site re-organizations, etc. are now “complete”. Apparently I’m still doing things wrong, so we’ll see what breaks in a week. The new mod-rewrite stuff is ridiculous – and I’ve been using it in “regular” Apache setups for years! I’ve been tagging/re-tagging everything that appears on the front page as of the […]

what the hell, wordpress, what the hell?

As chronicled here and here I, on occasion, make bad choices when it comes to my own personal web stuffs. For reasons that escape my current understanding I upgraded my perfectly tuned and working WordPress 2.2.3 install to the “eagerly anticipated” 2.3. I followed the preflight checklists the the letter and even used a “preflight” […]

water is serious business

You and my condo association both, pally. Yes, my roof still leaks. Needless to say, that makes the recent weather patterns especially troubling. I wrote a pleasant letter to the “administrator” over a year ago when the leak first appeared. I’ve been attempting to follow up via phone on and off since then. Best line […]