WordPress 2.5

The upgrade is done, but some plugins and theme crap have to be updated/fixed. Also, I seem to have deleted something, somewhere. Not sure what, yet. The new version has a much-improved (and non-plugin) media manager thing so I’m slowly converting some of the blog-only graphics to that so some links may be toast while […]

’tis the season: reloaded

So time has like, passed and whatnot… My Name is Earl is off the DVR schedule. Sorry. Bones is on the bubble. Zooey Deschanel is so cute, but her sister really bothers me for some reason. How I Met Your Mother is as well. It’s funny, but it’s not Arrested Development or Scrubs. The West […]

’tis the season

I’ve survived the opening slavos of fall premieres and damnation if there isn’t a crop of actual good shows! I can hardly believe it myself. How I Met Your Mother (new) pros: mostly funny, “fresh” talent, Doogie! cons: mostly funny, “fresh” talent, Doogie. verdict? It’s still on the DVR record schedule, time will tell. Bones […]