Quake 2 – BotS

What the hell is BotS?

Battle of the Sexes was a Quake 2 (Q3A, UT, who knows at this point?) team-based CTF mod created by Jesse “Spinoza” Herrera.

BotS was created to address the serious lack of good team mods for Quake2 in the absence of the holy grail that (at the time) was Team Fortress. BotS pitted teams of men (red) vs women (blue) in a class-based battle for supremacy across one of the deepest map landscapes of any FPS of the era.

I stepped into BotS early on in the Quake 2 (circa 1997) era and didn’t step back out again until before the UT version “launched”. It was a great time to be doing those things and playing a fun game. That said, given infinite time and money hats, Valve eventually gave us the real thing.

A BotS team (at least in Quake 2) was composed of a Captain, guardian of the promotion key, wielder of the BFG, and all-around bad-ass. (S)he was supported by an array of classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. It has been said more than once that BotS was the “thinking (wo)mans” mod. Effective use of team composition and promotions would factor into victory just as much as skilled players.

Initially I ran half of the {{SK}} Complex with {{Iron}}. Over time I took on responsibility for hosting and “moderating” the forums and eventually became the de facto producer for the Quake 3 Arena version. I would be the last person to say that everything was sunshine and roses, but I still look back on my little corner of BotS history fondly.

Below is my collection of files of and related to the game. If you have any additions feel free to drop me a line!

Update 3/24/16: Download links are back! Enjoy your nostalgia, folks.

My only request is that if you, or someone you know, does update/modify/improve/etc. any of the server code, or other items presented here that you will drop me a line so I can post them here or post a link to your improvements.

A few notes…

  1. All files and content remain the property of the original authors or contributors subject to the license(s) presented at the time.
  2. Any assets, configuration scripts, documentation or other items presented above that were created by me personally were contributed to the project freely under the license(s) of the time.
  3. I make no warranty or functionality claim as to the above archives. Use at your own risk!
  4. The source code (I believe) is the fully functional linux fork that tbp[Mutiny] created from the original b27 code.
  5. Clients will need just that archive and a working copy of Quake 2 v3.20. No idea if any of the variants will work or not — compiled Q2 mods were tricky on the best of days.
  6. The client install contains all the maps I am aware of and some that may be “legacy”, alpha/beta versions or stuff that was never intended to be used and consequently could be non-functional, imbalanced or just bad. I was very proud of the community of mappers BotS nourished and went out of my way to promote the authors and collect/run maps on our servers.

Additional (mostly dead) links…