unplanned maintenance

Just a quick note for all you folks running WordPress blogs. There is apparently a hack in-the-wild that can lead to a site compromise. There’s no patch as of yet, but it does seem to be “under control” per some of the news I’ve seen.

Regardless, I wiped out 99% of the user accounts in the system as a precaution. Basically any username/mail address I didn’t immediately recognize as legit got the axe. If that included you and you are a human being with eye-holes and whatnot take heart that it was not an intentional slight. Just re-create your account and it’ll be right as rain.

While you’re at it, feel free to post a comment. Or don’t.

ghacks.net story * Trend Micro Coverage * Network Solutions * Christopher S Penn’s Coverage

I’m very curious as to what the infection vector for this is, as after 48 hours NO ONE seems the have a fucking clue – least of all WordPress. That in and of itself is curious, if a bit frightening. They are rarely at a loss for words when something like this comes up. The silence, as they say, is deafening.


It seems that WordPress is side-stepping the issue today with a general statement on file permissions. The implication is that the host screwed up and it has nothing to do with WP directly. But that doesn’t seem to fit given some of information out there. Are general users safe? Are they not safe? This kind of ambiguity absolutely KILLS me when I encounter it professionally. Accept blame if it’s due and fix the problem OR state emphatically that there is no problem. Either way the steps are easy:

  1. know
  2. tell your “customers” what you know
  3. profit

set phasers to grind

Yeah, so I’ve been playing STO quite a lotta little bit lately. It’s actually pretty fun once you learn to ignore the parts that, well, aren’t. Like crafting. Jesus H Christ on a crutch is the crafting bad.

More on STO later, maybe, but for now enjoy a couple vids I snapped in XFire. Yes, it’s only a LC1, I rerolled after discovering that Engineering is not my forte so fuck off, k?

This one is me flitting about a +1 Battleship. I failboated 2 attack runs in this video, but the result was still an easy kill. Much like WoW, you have to get to the Commander (or beyond) tier before fights start really becoming dangerous.

Here is me vs 3 gimp frigates. Zero challenge in this one but I still managed to failboat 1 attack pass by firing off a spread. Mentally I was going for the clump AE setup, but I used it from the wrong side of combat and only managed to hit 1 target. He took some damage, but it was a poor use of the combo.

I may cap more vids as time goes on. Obviously I’ll take time to make them good later so just consider this a proof-of-concept. The one is shot at “half” resolution and the other at full. I can’t really tell if there was a discernible FPS loss, so kudos to the XFire crew for the tech. Both were shot with full audio @ 25fps.

reprint: bite me, Aion

Originally published @ Bite My Review on Sep 15, 2009

First off let’s get the disclaimer out-of-the-way. I’m fairly new to Aion, having only participated in the last two closed beta events. These tests required a legacy invitation from an earlier event or a confirmed pre-order key. Based on my experience I can say that the closed environment was able to produce a superior quality of play and an honest feeling of cooperation among those involved. The players in the CB events genuinely seemed to care about making the game more fun and even *GASP* finding/fixing the odd bug or three. Never a question was uttered without a helpful response. Communications between players were limited to useful information or the occasional humorous quip. As one progressed into the adolescent/elder (read: PvP) game and associated zones discussions of strategy or attack alerts were the norm. Continue reading

needs more hamlin

The summer of 2009 was rather lackluster, despite being pretty damn profitable. What you say? You didn’t think the summer of Transformers 2, Half-Blood Prince, Wolverine, Star Trek, GI Joe and Terminator wasn’t amazing bomb-diggity mad-propz rooflecopters? In a word? No. Entertaining for certain, but nothing life-altering.

2010 seems to agree with me. I’ve already mentioned the Kick-Ass teaser, but the hits just keep on a-comin’.

I still have a VHS of the ’81 Clash of the Titans. The stop-motion campy mythological fun isn’t something I was overly excited about getting redone. Especially given the track record of Hollywood when it comes to “re-imaginings”. Some things were actually good the first time, kthx. Anywho, this looks good. Feast, my pretties!

2009 in tv – not that bad aktsually

As we enter December and what passes for the 2009 television season draws to a close I’m struck by how awesome some shows have been this year. I’m struck by a number of other things, as well, but that’s another show…

My top picks of 2009, in no particular order…

Sons of Anarchy (FX)

SoA started off strong and only got better right up until the reaper graphic faded in to close out the season with this week’s 90-minute episode. Dramatic, well-acted, well-scripted and superbly well-written. It reminded me of the early episodes of the Shield – but better. The cast was simply electric week in and week out. Henry Rollins and Adam Arkin were great in their recurring guest roles – the play between them and the core cast seemed effortless. The true mark of a top-notch production team and gifted writers. If you haven’t given this show a chance assuming that “some crap about motorcycles” wouldn’t be great TV a) stop being stupid and b) OnDemand/NetFlix/whatever the first season. You won’t be disappointed.

Californication (SHO)

Great writing, great dialog, great guest stars/cameos (that don’t feel contrived and idiotic ala Entourage) and tits. I just don’t know what to do with someone who doesn’t think that would be worth their time.

Dexter (SHO)

A staple of Showtime’s series line-up many said that it would be unwatchable once they passed the available source material. I’ve not read Lindsay’s novels, but I have to say that while a true adaptation might have been good, this season has proven to me that the show-runners DO have a solid vision and can make some quality TV without it being pre-fabbed 100% of the way. Julie Benz and Jennifer Carpenter both really stood out this season along with the phantabulous John Lithgow as the Trinity killer. He has a way about him when playing this character that was subtle, yet sinister, and frigthening to see. If he’s not in the running for a supporting/guest statue of some kind next year it will be an absolute crime.

Leverage (TNT)

Ocean’s Eleven (not the less good 12 and 13) as a TV series. Yes please? Tim Hutton, Gina Bellman (Coupling/BBC), Christian Kane and the rest of the crew fit together like some insane jigsaw puzzle. The weekly capers are fairly light in subject matter with an eye on excellent storytelling, sharp wit and fun taking the focus rather than suspense, titilation or melodrama.

Psych (USA)

Think The Mentalist, but funny. James Roday and Dulé Hill are hysterical. Even if the show was JUST them, it’d still be a must-watch. Add Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson and Corbin Bernsen to the mix and you may have to pause the DVR to avoid going wee-wee in your pants. Filled to the brim with pop culture references and a writing staff that appears unafraid to go off on a crazy tangent on even the slightest possibility that it will be funny you find yourself, week after week, with comedy gold. Much like Californication I can’t stop myself from smiling the entire length of any given episode. It’s just plain good fun.

Continue reading

busy, busy, busy – the recap

I certainly post a lot of these “I have better things to do than post” posts, don’t I? You know the drill. Work, non-work, the pending holidays, etc, etc.

The annual pilgrimage to Kenebec was somewhat less than fruitful this year. The fall was uncommonly wet, which delayed the harvest by nearly a month. For reference, fields in South Dakota are effectively nations unto themselves. When 60% of the milo is still standing the birds have miles upon miles of cover and food to play in without ever seeing a person. The weather started to turn bad and we ended up with 3 solid days of rain. We came home a day early to avoid the impending doom of a mushy snowstorm. The outcome of the trip aside, it was some family time, which is always welcome.

Thanksgiving will be abbreviated this year as I have to be in the office to cover phones bright and early at 8am. I’m only working a half-day, so it’s entirely possible I may spend the afternoon buying a car.


uncontainable fury

No, really. My fury is without containment options.

This blog has (and will always be) my vanity site. My little corner of the internets where I can say whatever crazy nonsense pops into my head. I rarely censor (or grammar-check) anything I post or, for that matter, fact-check anything. Ever.

That’s just how I roll, bitches.

Every once and a while I get the bug to actually try writing something. I’ve always fancied putting quill to parchment but have always been hindered by being well… boring. Boring people write boring things. It’s a rule or something.

Why do I mention this now? Well the opportunity to contribute to a new site presented itself so I pounced. I posted my first commentary earlier today for review. Assuming the editorial powers that be find it worthy it should be up any day now. Assuming the site is fixed. Top men are on the case, I’m sure. But don’t be surprised if the site occasionally goes into convulsions for the near future.

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