Yeah, so … no updates or something for a while. “IRL.” It happens. Lots of things to discuss, not a lot of time. That, too, happens. I canceled my World of Warcraft account a couple months ago – more on that later. I have a standing copy of Aion, which has been quite fun so […]

the bounty of summer

Yesterday marked my first share of this summers CSA crop and man-o-man was it most excellent. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA farms use sustainable farming methods (though not necessarily organic) and deliver their produce fresh from the field to the communities within which it was grown. The “supported” part of that comes from […]

you got me, assholes

Greetings, After much anticipation Blizzard has opened the StarCraft II Beta opt-in. In the beta test you will get an opportunity to provide your feedback on the overall experience, including units, maps, aesthetics, and more. We would also appreciate reports on any bugs you may encounter during your game-play experience. We will be selecting account […]


I’m lazy. Shocked cat is shocked, right? The blog (and plugins) are updated to the most recent versions, but it looks like there’s some issues with a couple. I’m sure that is akin to daggers in your little hearts. I’ve got lots of interesting (to me) stuff to rant about, just no time to actually […]

blasts from the past

The hits on my Battle of the Sexes page have always been a little higher than nostalgia should rightly earn, but what can you say about a great thing? One thing leads to another, as things are prone to do and it looks like there might some throwback gaming in our future as a few […]


Kids are idiots. That in and of itself should be a sufficient post, really. So much said in so few words… But that’s hardly my style now is it? I was in a local Best Buy browsing what passes for their PC game section and this noxious wave overtakes me. I turn around to find […]

Q: how bored was I?

A: Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis bored. As I write this it’s Friday night and I am still waiting for a server to finish virtualizing so I can proceed with the rest of the project plan and possibly get to sleep before sunrise. Given that I am prone to bouts of lazy and vigor of equal and epic measure […]

why do I even bother?

Like 5 or 6 (maybe) other people on Earth I’ve been watching Kings on NBC for the last month. I won’t go into a lot of blah blah blah about the show except to say that it’s good. It’s well penned, well acted and wonderfully shot. In the next week or two it’ll be moving […]

how did I miss this?

So I’m sitting here waiting for this server to finish converting into a new handy-dandy VM and figured it’d be a good time to purge out the ol’ DVR. I haven’t moved to uVerse quite yet so I’m stuck with the anemic HD in Charter’s Moxi. Where was I again? Oh yes, Mythbusters was on […]

drop rate smrop rate

After 2 days of battling the 1st Ulduar boss (the instance server) we finally managed to get IN the damned zone with 20-some. Flame Leviathan was a blast and, like most guilds, dropped it on our first run. For the last couple hours of the day today the leadership and I had been discussing what […]