One of the many (and almost entirely unrelated to my actual job) hats I wear is the internal care and feeding of 100+ WordPress sites, so as you can imaging coming home and futzing with my own site for hours on end ranks right up there on my list of great ways to spend time. The fact that I bothered to upgrade and make more than one post a quarter is almost noteworthy at this point.

Baby steps, jerkfaces, baby steps.

At any rate, I love the new WordPress design. The new menu system they’ve been developing in the side-channel is great to use and represents a far, far better state of affairs than the old one. The new 2014 theme is equally good — adapting to the new trends in display (streamlined, tiles, sliders, et al) and generally just being a nicer fit than the 2013 model.

Where was I even going with this post? Do you care? Do I care? Do I care if you care?

Other news: CloudFlare is pretty swank. A bit of a cluster to get running at first, but I chalk that up to my host being a little eccentric. I should probably just bite the bullet and buy a server of my own in AWS or Azure. Of course then I have to maintain the damned thing myself. Welcome to the Kobiashi Maru that is my life. Wow, we’re really just spinning the ol’ wheels today, ain’t we? CloudFlare is basically a cloud load-balancer/CDN. It works as advertised with minimal fuss. Add in some solid botnet/DDOS/spam prevention and you’ve got freemium product worth subscribing to every day of the week.

Later days, y’all.