still alive

Still alive and wicked busy. My company is slightly understaffed as business is, as they say, “booming”. When I’m not working on work I’m working on play, with the Benevolence Suicide Kings app taking the bulk of my non-work-non-gaming time these days. It’s hectic and oftentimes frustrating, but it’s the good kind. The kind you want to experience.

A few items to note just in case I don’t make it back around here anytime soon –

Tron Legacy was an average movie. The soundtrack by Daft Punk is excellent. You’ll see it pop up on my scrobble feed often. Note: I liked the movie, I’m just under no illusions that it was, at best, average.

The Golden Globe noms alternate between terrible and FUCK! THAT IS TERRIBLE!

I’m moving my parents from an old XP box to a new Mac Mini this spring. I need a shower.

The Steam holiday sale has ruined me. I’ve added frightening number of titles since mid-December. There are a few I’m really looking forward to playing, but the ones that are taking up the bulk of my time right now are DeathSpank and Recettear. DeathSpank is a Torchlight/Diablo/whatever style title intended to be a parody and Recettear is a JRPG. YMMV.

I’ve been playing Spreadsheeeeeeets iiiiiiin Spaaaaaaace Eve again. But that won’t last long, I’d wager.

Cataclysm is out. I’m not playing. WoW is done for me. I went back, briefly, but by the end of the 2nd month it just felt like I was playing because I was supposed to play. There was no joy in Mudville. Here’s hoping 2011 snags me an Old Republic invite post-haste.

I guess that’s all the update I can muster for now. Toodles.