why monopolies suck

I was on my way to a customer site today when the Cranberries “Linger” started playing.

On TWO stations.

Thanks ClearChannel! We sure owe you one…

How is it that the FCC can spend so much energy keeping nipples and profanity off the air, but when it comes to something that’s actually profane they’re nowhere to be found? It’s not even that I’m offended by the Cranberries. I like Linger just fine, really. It’s the fact that a company, any company, can simply OWN the entirety of something public. It’s like if Chevy owned every bus in town. It’s not about what they DO, it’s about what they COULD DO. It’s a horrible precedent. I’m no fan of making ethereal slippery slope arguments, but … fuck, man. Why do people put up with this shit?

Wake up sheeple?

Oh well, maybe in B-Rock’s second term he’ll have time to tackle that bunch of hapless ninnies.