why do I even bother?

Like 5 or 6 (maybe) other people on Earth I’ve been watching Kings on NBC for the last month. I won’t go into a lot of blah blah blah about the show except to say that it’s good. It’s well penned, well acted and wonderfully shot. In the next week or two it’ll be moving from a horrible Sunday slot to a “half-step away from cancellation” Saturday time. I just don’t understand people. Sure, the TV execs are partially to blame here, but god damn people! What does it take to get you interested? Is it just me? I don’t give a rat’s ass about who can/can’t sing/dance/be fat.

I want REAL television, not reality television.

Dollhouse started iffy, but really started to come on strong in the last couple episodes. I’ve grown quite fond of the show at this point, so when it’s cancelled my nerdrage will know no bounds.

The Sarah Conner Chronicles ended on a great note. I was pretty into the last three episodes. I’m hoping that the synergy with Bale’s new movie this summer will keep it afloat for another season.

Supernatural has always been the stronger of the two, but Smallville is just plain nuts these days. The Unit has been weak, it’s apparently on the bubble this season and will not likely be renewed.

Chuck has been fine, not as good as it’s early stuff, but tolerable. The season finale looks good, there’s been some decent build-up with Quantum Leaper and Chevy.We’ll see what we see. It has the air of “re-tooling” about it though, which never bodes well.

Heroes has been horrid, I’m not sure I even want it back at this point. Don’t argue. You know it’s been riding the failcopter.

Numb3rs, Reaper and Flashpoint are all average at best this go-round. Another unfortunate victim of “OMFG RATINGS!” and the inability for network people to understand that their entire paradigm is changing. Are you counting Hulu views? DVRs? OnDemands? There are shows that by their very nature play really well everywhere but a Neilson home.

Eli Stone and Pushing Daises are already done, they’ve each got 2 or 3 episodes left to air, but after that it’s over. Both good shows with interesting characters and good writing and we certainly can’t have that on network TV. What’s really odd is that ABCs upfronts are chock full of MORE quirky shows that will likely be fun and well-written and never find an audience. Do we give them points for trying? Dunno.

I’ve become a bit of a fan of The Mentalist. When I saw the initial promos I panned it as a “dramatic” rip-off of Psych, a truly awesome show, and gave it the big pooity-poo. Mea culpa? I suppose so…

Fringe is horrid… but the cast is great. As long as they keep that going I guess I can ignore the rest. How can you not love John Noble as an insane mad scientist?

Teh Tudors just started up, I think there’s been two or three episodes now. Still a wonderful show, but I miss Natalie Dormer. Upside is Mary’s back at court this season, and she’s absolutely enchanting. I’m a sucker for pretty much any era of English histo-drama.

The best for last? Maybe. Lie to Me is great. Tim Roth is great. Kelli Williams is great. The title sequence is GREAT. What happened to titles anyway? Whatever marketing dickbag out there decided that it was “more cinematic” for shows to not have title sequences needs to just give it the fuck up. You, sir, are an idiot. Shows are that much more memorable with an opening number, just do it already! Short, visually interesting yet simple, no “clips” and a catchy musical track (Brand New Day by Ryan Star) behind it all. Perfection. Also, while I’m at it – fuck you no-embedding youtube gestapo!