uncontainable fury

No, really. My fury is without containment options.

This blog has (and will always be) my vanity site. My little corner of the internets where I can say whatever crazy nonsense pops into my head. I rarely censor (or grammar-check) anything I post or, for that matter, fact-check anything. Ever.

That’s just how I roll, bitches.

Every once and a while I get the bug to actually try writing something. I’ve always fancied putting quill to parchment but have always been hindered by being well… boring. Boring people write boring things. It’s a rule or something.

Why do I mention this now? Well the opportunity to contribute to a new site presented itself so I pounced. I posted my first commentary earlier today for review. Assuming the editorial powers that be find it worthy it should be up any day now. Assuming the site is fixed. Top men are on the case, I’m sure. But don’t be surprised if the site occasionally goes into convulsions for the near future.

Bite My Review – Now with 10% more direct-linking to my actual editorial! (also linked over ————-> in the blogroll)