the twilight has been assisted

We’re happily clearing heroic Naxx every week now so we’ve started peppering in more difficult Sartharion and Malygos attempts. Malygos is a beast in heroic and frankly pretty soul-crushing when shit takes a turn. If you give the thumbnail a whack and load up the hi-rez you can see the skeletons left over from the 2 or 3 previous wipes.

My team’s normally on top of things but these days the attention span is rather thin. Not so thin as to preclude our first Sartharion+1 kill tonight though, so hoorah for our side!

I don’t recall what the loot was but I’m sure the winners were pleased. I’m camped out at #1 on our suicide kings list patiently waiting my spot at the trough.

You will be mine…oh yes, you will be mine.