Kids are idiots.

That in and of itself should be a sufficient post, really. So much said in so few words…

But that’s hardly my style now is it?

I was in a local Best Buy browsing what passes for their PC game section and this noxious wave overtakes me. I turn around to find the source it was this lumbering oaf of a child. He was, at best, 18 and easily 6′ high. As is the style of the times, his pants were a hair’s breath above his ankles, which is an entirely different rant.

So there’s this giant smelly cloud of child lumbering down the aisle oblivious to the presence of others. He apparently was pleading with his companion (a tiny, TINY girl I recognized as an employee of the aforementioned BBY) to trade him something for something and something so he could get some shitty game.

Anyway, I’m trying to read the back of some crap game that escapes me and he “bumped” into me not once, not twice, but FOUR times. How the fuck? I realize I’m not Gigantor the gigantic giant, but damnation, boy! Watch the fuck out!

And take a shower.

And pull up your pants!