needs more hamlin

The summer of 2009 was rather lackluster, despite being pretty damn profitable. What you say? You didn’t think the summer of Transformers 2, Half-Blood Prince, Wolverine, Star Trek, GI Joe and Terminator wasn’t amazing bomb-diggity mad-propz rooflecopters? In a word? No. Entertaining for certain, but nothing life-altering.

2010 seems to agree with me. I’ve already mentioned the Kick-Ass teaser, but the hits just keep on a-comin’.

I still have a VHS of the ’81 Clash of the Titans. The stop-motion campy mythological fun isn’t something I was overly excited about getting redone. Especially given the track record of Hollywood when it comes to “re-imaginings”. Some things were actually good the first time, kthx. Anywho, this looks good. Feast, my pretties!