how did I miss this?

So I’m sitting here waiting for this server to finish converting into a new handy-dandy VM and figured it’d be a good time to purge out the ol’ DVR. I haven’t moved to uVerse quite yet so I’m stuck with the anemic HD in Charter’s Moxi. Where was I again? Oh yes, Mythbusters was on from this week – it’s the “Alaska Special 2” for reference. The kids were testing some myth about a car being clove in twain by one of those big plows. Blah blah blah, we’re going to Wisconsin. Well then, I should look at the screen for 30 seconds or something. More blah blah and some scenes of snow and crap and all of the suddon I see this small white plow with the words “Burke” scrawled across it… “That looks familiar,” I say to no one in particular.

So yeah, I was apparently in a coma while my beloved Kari was 2 miles down the road testing a snowplow myth. I’m assuming they filmed that this winter, which was incredibly mild by all accounts, yet all three of them were bundled up like they were adrift off the coast of the Antarctica.

Anywho, it is to lols.