busy, busy, busy – the recap

I certainly post a lot of these “I have better things to do than post” posts, don’t I? You know the drill. Work, non-work, the pending holidays, etc, etc.

The annual pilgrimage to Kenebec was somewhat less than fruitful this year. The fall was uncommonly wet, which delayed the harvest by nearly a month. For reference, fields in South Dakota are effectively nations unto themselves. When 60% of the milo is still standing the birds have miles upon miles of cover and food to play in without ever seeing a person. The weather started to turn bad and we ended up with 3 solid days of rain. We came home a day early to avoid the impending doom of a mushy snowstorm. The outcome of the trip aside, it was some family time, which is always welcome.

Thanksgiving will be abbreviated this year as I have to be in the office to cover phones bright and early at 8am. I’m only working a half-day, so it’s entirely possible I may spend the afternoon buying a car.