blasts from the past

The hits on my Battle of the Sexes page have always been a little higher than nostalgia should rightly earn, but what can you say about a great thing? One thing leads to another, as things are prone to do and it looks like there might some throwback gaming in our future as a few folks have began gathering

Nothing solid as of yet, but there’s enough people that we could have a fun little setup developing. As time permits I’ll be trying to finish the server VM I had prepped a while back and throw it on one of our lab boxes. The bandwidth here at work is … well, let’s just say “good” and move on.

If’n you’re interested check out the links and see what’s what – you’ll need a working Quake-2 installation and the files from my page (or others) to get started. The docs are actually pretty complete so you should be able to get the basics down without too much trouble.

Before you ask – no, I have not considered putting a team in the field to create TF2-BotS.

Well not strongly considered anyway.

edit: I’ve got a vm built with all the server stuff and have successfully installed/tested the Q2 install. Soon, my prettys, soon.