i hate april morons

Just for the sake of argument, let’s pretend that April Fool’s day “stories” on the internets were funny at one point. No matter how generous your definition of that date may be it’s still “a long fucking time ago”. You are all idiots. Shut up idiots. That is all.

why monopolies suck

I was on my way to a customer site today when the Cranberries “Linger” started playing. On TWO stations. Thanks ClearChannel! We sure owe you one… How is it that the FCC can spend so much energy keeping nipples and profanity off the air, but when it comes to something that’s actually profane they’re nowhere […]

look out! it’s a dramabomb!

Sigh. I keep guild drama off the front page most days, but sometimes it’s cathartic to just vent. I’m pretty sure no one from my guild actually reads these pages so the risk is pretty minimal. The core players in my guild have been around a long time, some going back years into EQ raiding […]