you are not prepared

Arthas, The Lich King

Yeah, yeah, that was last expansion, but this one doesn’t have a fancy tag line. While I cheated and back-dated this particular post, I WAS waiting in line at midnight. It capped off an excessively long day of driving back from South Dakota (more on that later) and then driving back to Madison from my parents home up north. Two hour nap, then off to wait in line…

What a line it was, too. I had my pre-order waiting at the local Best Buy and the line went halfway around the store. I had my copy in-hand around 12:30am and the line was actually longer than it was when I arrived at 11:30.

Of special note was the conversations of a couple scrubs standing behind me in line. One, apparently, plays a rogue. Poorly, from what I can gather. Anyone who’s done specific content more than once can readily identify folks who haven’t, but insist that they have. Protip: Knowing acronyms and a scan of the BossKillers strat has no actual correlation to seeing content yourself. It also helps to not use fuck and/or shit every 4th word. Despite what Sir Lewis says, “fuck” is not a comma.

That’s all for now, off to explore Northrend!