what scares me

What scares me? These people actually get a vote. The problem with democracy isn’t the politicians. It’s people like the ones in that video. Here are some helpful tips, from me to you, o’ people of the video.

1) Catholic doctors and Catholic hospitals are allowed to have all the moral objections to abortions or penicillin or anything else that sticks in their craws. What they are NOT allowed is to deny legal treatment to patients. Here, try this for some light reading. I know fitting the time in for intelligence is tough, what with a full day of demagoguery and dunking witches in the river, but give it a fucking shot, eh? Oh, and nice touch with the triple-peck on your baby. Why won’t those evil Democracts PLEASE think of the children?!

2) The tenets of Socialism, morally, are a beautiful thing. The belief that people should contribute to society based upon what they are able to contribute and should receive the full sum of benefits that they require from society is pretty god damned idyllic. That doesn’t make me or Obama a Socialist. Social programs in this country allow millions of good, honest and hard-working American’s to provide enough to eat for their families and to keep a roof over their heads and the lights on. But hey, it’s not you, right? So fuck poor people. Fuck people with disabilities or who are just down on their luck. The measure of a society is how it cares for the least among them. I don’t believe in hand-outs for the sake of hand-outs. I don’t believe in punishing people for being rich or successful. If a penny from me, a penny from you, and pennies from everyone in this country can feed a child in poverty or keep the fucking lights on so some single mother in Peoria can study for her GED before heading out to her 2nd job? Money. Well. Spent. I wish every fuckwit who bashes social programs could get put on a biiiiig list and then summarily denied access to each and every one of them. I wonder what that old goat says if his Social Security check is a day late?

3) There is no far-left agenda. We can’t agree on ANYTHING, let alone a fucking agenda. I realize that’s not a rebuttal, but it informs point number two – Barrack Obama isn’t far-left. With a few exceptions Senator Obama is a moderate Democrat. Liberal, for sure, but just like Senator McCain he’s nowhere near the outskirts of his party. Oh, and not for nothing, but the last 8 years have been the far right’s agenda being forced upon the country. A country, I might add, who is repeatedly demonstrated that they are MODERATES. The vast majority of people in America have opinions on both sides of the aisle. Even moreso in recent years as the traditional values of the major parties have gotten so murky. We’re currently experiencing the worst economic downturn since the great depression. After 8 years of fiscally responsible growth and prosperity under a “tax-n-spend” liberal this is hardly the crowning achievement for the party of fiscal conservatives, no?