the week that was pt. 2

As promised, more news re: Professor Plums.

I covered our antics on the Sunday following the patch, but neglected to mention TK on Thursday. For those of you playing our home game yes, Void Reaver with invisible orbs does, in fact, suck ass. We diverted to Solarian who I was promised was “easy”. Yeah, so they were right. Welcome to the 1st 1st kill of the streak.

Nothing overly amazing lewt-wise, we had some shards and some equippers, same old song and dance. So fast-forward past Sunday’s Magtheridon 1st and to the Tuesday Serpentshrine raid. What? What you say? Is that our 1st Morogrim Tidewalker kill? Yeap.

A nice surprise in the cracker-jack box for our 1st – grats me. Talon of Azshara