the week that was pt. 1

The WoW 2.4 patch hit, launching the Isle of Quel’Danas content and a slew of fixes/nerfs/bugs/etc. More on that stuff later, but for now, I’ll lead off with our first Magtheridon kill. Why yes, yes he is EZ-mode trivial now, we know. We could have killed him before, we just couldn’t get the bodies in front of him. At any rate, he’s dead now – suck it.

From what I’ve read and/or heard, Blizzard noticed the people just plain weren’t doing Mag anymore or (as in our case) never had done him and wanted to encourage more kills. I get that, I really do. As we enter the home stretch towards Lich King the mighty bliz wants to make sure there’s not a repeat of Burning Crusade with the vast majority of their players never seeing what had been described as some of their very best work. Works for us. I got me a Pit Lord’s Satchel with a natural 100.

More to follow…