the bcs is useless

Tell me again how playoffs in college football would be bad?

Blowouts are not good football. Blowouts are clear indications that one of the two teams was in the WRONG FUCKING GAME.

Of all the games I could stand to watch the only one that was an actual game was the Outback Bowl wherein my Wisconsin Badgers and the Tennessee Volunteers were actually a good match-up. Wisconsin lost (21-17), unfortunately, but it was at least an appropriate game. Those two teams were in the right game together and the game was still up for grabs until the 2nd-to-last play.

Illinois had no business being in the Rose Bowl against USC. Period. It was embarrassing to the program and to the Big 10 and only fuels that idiotic “we can’t compete” nonsense.

Georgia vs Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl. Another what the fuck? Having an undefeated season in a glorified high school conference doesn’t put you in the same league as a team that probably SHOULD have been in fighting for the Championship.

Fiesta Bowl. WVU completely outclassed an Oklahoma team that is, in and of itself, quite good. Doesn’t that just mean that the BCS works and 2 good teams played and one was just better? No, actually. It means that the math behind the BCS selections has very little to do with quality of the team that shows up on gameday.

The Virginia/Kansas game is tonight, it SHOULD be ok. I’ll buck the trend and pick Kansas in a 20-point victory. And yes, 3 TDs is a blowout.

Why are playoffs better?

Simple. You win, you advance. The best teams in football, the true champions, are champions from top to bottom. Part of being a champion is showing up on gameday! Part of being a champion is doing your homework and preparing for each and every new opponent properly!

Example a: The NFL Playoffs + Super Bowl.

On Sunday (or whatever day) I watch the Packer game. If it doesn’t conflict with said Packer game I watch the Colts and Pats play. I like Peyton Manning. In 5 or 6 years he’ll be what Brett Favre is today and probably breaking all of his new shiny records. I watch the Pats (this season) because it’s history in the making. That’s not that many games, really. When the playoffs start (this weekend!) I’ll watch just about every game that’s on. It’s GREAT football.

The NFL players frequently say that once they’re in the playoffs everyone starts at 0-0. May be the best team of the day win.

Example b: March Madness.

I don’t enjoy college basketball, but I watch a TON of it during March. The games during the playoffs are just plain great.

There are 12 conferences and (this year) there were 32 bowl games. There is PLENTY of time and teams that could play. Even something simply like a 3-week playoff would be tolerable. You still get to have the $$$ games, but in the end you actually have a real champion.