ted thompson is a d-bag

So…. That. Just. Happened.


The NYJets.com store already has replica #4 jerseys on sale – if you could load the thing anyway. The packers.com store, as you might expect, loads just fine.

I don’t know the real story. We probably won’t hear it until Brett’s ghostwriter pens his memoirs. But we “know” what happened. Thompson’s first decision as the Packer’s GM was to draft Favre’s replacement. That was 4 years ago. That was also the first time the organization and media started talk of retirement. Coincidence? Yeah. No. Thompson has wanted Favre off “his team” since day 1. But how can you fire a legend who is not just one of top players in the league but also still playing MVP-caliber ball? Answer: You can’t. So you wage a media war. All nice and clean through the back-channels so no one knows it was you.

You’re a douche Ted. A giant smelly steaming shit-sandwich-eating douche.

So Green Bay loses a legend and becomes the footnote in one of the greatest careers in NFL history. And you get … Aaron Rodgers. Grats. Asshole.

Guess which games I’ll be watching on Sunday?

Update: I still can’t get to the Jets online store. Hell, I can’t even get the page to LOAD half the time.