food food food food food (and mom)

Mother’s Day was on Sunday and this year we (my parents and I) celebrated at grannies along with my uncle and his wife. Somehow in lieu of a restaurant I ended up cooking. Fortunately it gave me yet another chance to throw something together with the Alaskan Halibut from late last year. Props to Bobby Flay for the Fish & ‘shroom recipes.

A note of caution: Unless you can find HUGE button caps swap them out for modest-sized portabella. I had 2x more filling than could ever fit in 24 mushrooms, which was already 50% more than the recipe needed. I also used some romano-flavored breadcrumbs which amped up the aroma significantly and played off the gorgonzola nicely.

My bad, did I forget to mention that I was a food nut? Yeah. I like good food.