awww, hell no

Hancock – no.
Wanted – yes.
Olympics? VERY yes.

What? You want more? Charlize Theron and Jason Bateman are great. Seriously. <3’s and butterflies. Most of the time I even like Will Smith. But the movie doesn’t work. It goes from funny to wtf to emo over it’s scant 90-some minutes.

Wanted is based on the Millar mini. I’ve read a couple. I’m going to get the rest now. It was a little nutty, a little funny and a lot of action. I was excited from start to finish.

Also worth not noting is that my favorite area theater was sold a few months ago to some new company. They switched to Coke products. Coke is horrible. The service has declined and it’s the only iMax in 100 miles. 🙁

I love the Olympics. Well summer Olympics anyway. Which is odd considering I was an avid skier every summer for over 10 years. Kerri Walsh and Misty May are ridiculously amazingly impossibly good. 84th consecutive match win, 2 short of their previous record of 86. Both have over 90 career tournament wins. They are, without question, the best players in the world – and they’re going to China.

8.8.08, bitches.