as long as they don’t change the formula…

So this is the face of the new Pepsi. I ask: Who the fuck cares? It’s always baffled me why drink companies of ANY variety advertise themselves. I don’t like Coke. I like Pepsi. No ad campaign in the world is going to alter my taste buds. There was some comedian on TV a while back going through his act and he had the best advice for these people. Take ALL that money you throw away on marketing experts and ad buys and send every man, woman and child in America a coupon for a free 6-pack of your product. The price of beverages, while subject to inflation, is static across brands. So if someone likes your drink, they’ll BUY your drink. This is not rocket science.

The same thing holds true for beer. When I was much younger I was exposed to a certain type of beer. That became my beer of choice. It’s only been in recent years when my associates have pushed me to expand my palette that I’ve discovered the new hotness. I can’t stand to drink that old stuff anymore.

That’s your object lesson for the day. People like what they like, and you can’t tell them differently. But you CAN give them an option. If what you’re selling truly is worthwhile you’ll get the business.