arachnids have wings?

Not anymore?

Finally got a chance to kick the tires on the new raiding setup last night. We took 21 into the Arachnid Quarantine Zone and had a grand ol’ time with much achievementing and whatnot. We also managed to nab the achievement for dropping Sartharion with a mere 20 raiders. The loots were phat and plentiful. 15 suicide pieces, including 2 upgrades for moi. Lost the shot at the Fury of the Five Flights but I did grab Dawnwalkers and a Widow’s Fury for my troubles. A Webbed Death dropped as well.

I know I promised some pics so I’ll get to it later, promise. I’m thinking it might be useful to symlink my wowpics folder to DropBox or maybe the new LiveSpaces thing that I picked up the other month. Still gotta find a better way to push images. PWA is fine, but clunky for blogginatin.