beware of sleeping bears

Tournament play started to{day|night} and Belgium was a hairs breath away from winning a set against our glorious ambassadors of pwn. Wait… Belgium? Yeah. Belgium. The team who won a play-in game last night just to get their feet in the door. Five set points later Misty and Kerry, you know, woke up. Let’s just […]

starting with a bang

For those of you who care about such things, and that should be ALL of you, it’s been a great couple of days. Firstly, the opening ceremonies were just plain awesome. I don’t mean the sheer scope of things, although that in and of itself was amazing, but it was just… fitting. China has over […]

beijing, bitches

The 2008 summer Olympics are finally here! Are you stoked? I’m stoked! Get stoked motherfuckers! This year you can watch just about anything online, so my work-day productivity will likely be something approaching zero. It looks like Charter added at least 1 if not 3 new channels for Olympic feeds as well so the DVR […]

ted thompson is a d-bag

So…. That. Just. Happened. The store already has replica #4 jerseys on sale – if you could load the thing anyway. The store, as you might expect, loads just fine. I don’t know the real story. We probably won’t hear it until Brett’s ghostwriter pens his memoirs. But we “know” what happened. Thompson’s […]