working hard or hardly working?

As of last Monday it’s become the former, not latter. No new news beyond that, just income and whatnot. I’ve got a slew of WoW stuff I just never pushed, I’ll get to that at some point. I’m still struggling with a good and simple way to manage graphics. I’ve got the wow stuff in […]

the week that was pt. 2

As promised, more news re: Professor Plums. I covered our antics on the Sunday following the patch, but neglected to mention TK on Thursday. For those of you playing our home game yes, Void Reaver with invisible orbs does, in fact, suck ass. We diverted to Solarian who I was promised was “easy”. Yeah, so […]

the week that was pt. 1

The WoW 2.4 patch hit, launching the Isle of Quel’Danas content and a slew of fixes/nerfs/bugs/etc. More on that stuff later, but for now, I’ll lead off with our first Magtheridon kill. Why yes, yes he is EZ-mode trivial now, we know. We could have killed him before, we just couldn’t get the bodies in […]

WordPress 2.5

The upgrade is done, but some plugins and theme crap have to be updated/fixed. Also, I seem to have deleted something, somewhere. Not sure what, yet. The new version has a much-improved (and non-plugin) media manager thing so I’m slowly converting some of the blog-only graphics to that so some links may be toast while […]