work and the lack thereof

So yeah, I haven’t had a job since October of last year. It’s an interesting experience, actually. A wild confluence of events turned a 3-month “break” into what may amount into nearly a full year off. I guess at that point you can call it a sabbatical or something? At any rate, I’m cranking out emails and such in full force now looking for yet another IT job I’ll hate in six months. My optimism is infectious, no?

I still hold out hope that some MMO studio will return my emails so I can con them into a producer or an associate designer gig. That’s no small task for people who have actual industry experience, let alone someone who’s spent the last decade in IT/IT management.

One morning it hit me – I’ve been spitballing a game concept on and off for the last year, why not actually WRITE IT DOWN. Artists have a portfolio and “shipped titles” are generally considered to be the analog for a producer or designers so why can’t I create one?

Given how my thought process works a simple document would be nigh useless. After a week it’d be so convoluted that you’d need a cryptex to decipher every 3rd paragraph. My solution was to use a wiki and it seems to be working pretty damned well so far. Navigation and categorization let me easily move around to edit/add details to stub entries and the built-in metrics show me where I last left off or places that are unfinished.

I’ve been at it for about two weeks now and I have around 50 entries written for the skills system. Writing it all down has also helped me see some weaknesses that the random afternoon navel gazing never revealed.