when webgames attack

For whatever reason I seemed to have forgotten to mention that I was playing a neat little webgame called inselkampf. It’s quite fun, but be prepared for a rough entry. It’s not my particular bag, but new players should give world2 a try first as it just opened this week and you won’t be facing folks with 20 islands and 20k troops at their disposal.

The premise of either world is that you start out on an island. You can build resource gathering, troops, ships, defenses, etc. You build up, you find an empty island (or make one empty by force) and colonize with extreme prejudice. After about a week playing you’ll be at the point where you have queues running for 5+ hours so micro-managing is easier.

Note: if you play on world 1, make sure you join an alliance before you colonize a 2nd island and make sure it’s one with support close to you and ranked in the top-15.

Another game I found courtesy of corpnews is called Hell Rising. I’m still trying to get my bearings, but it has potential.