what you should be watching

As is fast becoming infamous, I watch a lot of TV. So it’s no surprise when I break down the new hotness every fall.

All good.

  • Chuck (NBC, Monday)
  • Journeyman (NBC, Monday)
  • Reaper (CW, Tuesday)
  • Dirty Sexy Money (ABC, Wednesday)
  • Lucy The Daughter of the Devil (Toon, Sunday)
  • Bionic Woman (NBC, Wednesday)

All bad.

  • Big Bang Theory (CBS, Monday)

On the bubble.

  • Big Shots (ABC, Thursday)
  • Moonlight (CBS, Friday)

Did you actually want commentary? Yeash. Pushy bastards…

Chuck is hilarious. Adam Baldwin is always awesome. The premise is fun! What more do you want?
Journeyman is great. Lucius Vorenus rules you. Period. Think Quantum Leap with better writing. (note: I liked QL)

Reaper is fun, funny and the casting of “the devil” is perfect.

Dirty Sexy Money is … Peter Krause, Donald Sutherland, etc. I should have put this in the “on the bubble” category, but PK carries some serious street cred. (note: I should have made that link to tubgirl, it would serve you right for not knowing who PK is)

Lucy, The Daughter of the Devil is the latest Williams Street show. I love it, it’s hilarious. Spare the 15 minutes on your DVR!

Bionic Woman. Uh… A bionic Starbuck is the antagonist. Don’t be dumb.

Big Bang Theory is stupid. If you watch it you deserve to be slapped in the face. Hard. Antisocial nerds stymied by boobies is NOT a meme I’m interested in supporting, thanks.

Big Shots has a a neat cast. That lawyer guy, Titus, that guy from Sports Night and Bristow’s boyfriend from Alias.

Moonlight is a show about a “good” vampire in Los Angeles who privately detects and is not called Angel. Truthfully, it’s completely different. And the supporting actresses make steam roll out of my ears.

I’ll follow up, somedaystay tuned!