what the hell, wordpress, part 2

Multiple plugin fuckery, editing, site re-organizations, etc. are now “complete”. Apparently I’m still doing things wrong, so we’ll see what breaks in a week. The new mod-rewrite stuff is ridiculous – and I’ve been using it in “regular” Apache setups for years!

I’ve been tagging/re-tagging everything that appears on the front page as of the last post, which populated the new cloud. Still no connection to technorati, but that’ll get in there eventually I hope. I’m still working on getting the categories/tags set the way I want them. Shit happens, I guess.

I added links to two new special pages, accessible via the menu bar (top right) or the sidebar. Unimpressive stats, to say the least, but I’m a nerd.

edit: As referenced by this post, Technorati support has returned!