water is serious business

You and my condo association both, pally.

Yes, my roof still leaks. Needless to say, that makes the recent weather patterns especially troubling. I wrote a pleasant letter to the “administrator” over a year ago when the leak first appeared. I’ve been attempting to follow up via phone on and off since then. Best line from all the conversations: “I didn’t receive a letter.” But the check for my dues that was stapled to the letter got cashed, so that statement seems… improbable, to say the least.

So I realize that my next door neighbors are the V-P and Secretary of the board and during one of the typhoons last week I asked one of them to come take a look at my waterfall. She was rather disturbed and called the administrator immediately demanding action…of her answering machine.

I missed her initial call whilst driving to my parents home for the weekend and returned it about 3 hours later. Three guesses as to where this story goes… I’m on my 4th call-back-back-back-back so far and I have yet to speak to her directly. Best line of day, from a post-it on my door. “Diane said she hasn’t heard from you, please call her cell phone and you’ll get her right away.”

I, and my neighbors, pay this woman, btw. We PAY her to treat us like shit.

We have the annual board meeting in early September, my statement to the association promises to be colorful, to say the least.

Upside, it’ll be winter soon, and it doesn’t leak during the winter.